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Vital Air 5 Plus Rental - Activated Oxygen Therapy from Unique Perceptions
Vital Air 5 Plus

£180 / month

5 dual catalysts (equivalent to 10 single)

5 Intensity Settings

Most powerful device!

More Details

The Vital Air 5 Plus is deemed the most powerful and most versatile Activated Oxygen Therapy device available worldwide.
With optional multi-colour therapy as standard, and an intuitive user interface, the Vital Air 5 Plus offers maximum therapy for maximum benefits.

Most popular model for those with notable health issues, looking to commit to making significant improvements in their health and wellbeing.

Airnergy Professional Plus rental - Activated Oxygen Therapy from Unique Perceptions
Airnergy Professional Plus

£155 / month

4 Single Catalysts

3 Intensity Settings

Good Basic Therapy

More Details

The Airnergy Professional Plus was developed at the turn of the century in Germany. It provides a good basic level of therapy for those looking to improve their health and prevent disease. 

With it’s classic ‘blue light’ therapy and easy-to-use LED display, secondhand models of this device can provide a good option for long-term Activated Oxygen Therapy on a budget.

Kinetic Oxygen KO6+ Rental - Activated Oxygen Therapy Rental from Unique Perceptions
Kinetic Oxygen 6 Plus

£80 / month

6 Catalysts

3 Intensity Settings

Powerful and simple to use

More Details

With a unique intensifier delivery system and 6 Activation Catalysts, the Kinetic Oxygen 6 Plus provides an excellent level of Activated Oxygen Therapy.

Designed for ease of use and affordability, this model is ideal for anyone looking for a powerful, simple Activated Oxygen Therapy device. 

SoeMac Plus Rental - Activated Oxygen Therapy from Unique Perceptions
SoeMac Plus

£50 / month

2 Catalysts

1 Intensity Setting

Portable and Effective

More Details

The most affordable and portable Activated Oxygen Therapy device available for rent. With direct application via the comfortable nasal cannula, the recently-innovated SoeMac Plus provides a good level of Activated Oxygen Therapy at an investment level to suit many budgets. 

With a simple on/off switch, and straightforward cannula attachment, this device offers an extremely straightforward delivery of Activated Oxygen Therapy for health promotion, anti-ageing and disease prevention in any household. 

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