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Airnergy Activated Oxygen Device - Airnergy Rental from Unique Perceptions

Renting a Vital Air or Airnergy device is an affordable way to experience the healing power of Activated Oxygen before purchasing a new device for your long term therapy.

Activated Oxygen Therapy provides a safe and effective way of improving your body’s oxygen metabolism. This can have an amazing impact on many symptoms of chronic disease as well as enhance your body’s self-healing and anti-ageing mechanisms.

We’re now delighted to be able to offer you the experience and benefits of Activated Oxygen Therapy in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to ‘try before you buy’ and really get a feel for the power of this new technology, without making the outlay of purchasing.

NB We use the term ‘Activated Oxygen Therapy’ to describe this unique therapy which utilises the power of Singlet Oxygen Energy and is NOT THE SAME as Ozone Therapy, which involves taking in ozone into the body.

Through experiencing the many benefits of Activated Oxygen Therapy, you can then buy with confidence, feeling comfortable and secure in this investment in your health.

See below for rental details and fees then Click here to contact us to book your Vital Air or Airnergy experience!



Please note that:

  • All our machines contain only the most up-to-date therapeutic technology
  • You choose your rental period duration
  • We charge rental fees monthly, rather than all upfront!
  • All Airnergy / Vital Air accessories included in rental price (air filters and nasal cannulas)
  • No extra VAT on top of these published prices!
  • We sell brand new Airnergy and Vital Air Accessories
  • Extended Repayment Options available on some machine purchases.

Vital air 3 Plus

This device contains 3 Activation Chambers. however, due to different utilisation of the chambers compared to the Airnergy Professional Plus, this is considered a more powerful device. Click here for more info.

3 intensity levels: 1/3, 2/3, 3/3.

Dimensions: 310mm x 130mm (W x H) x 280mm (D)

Weight: 4.2kg (9 lb 7 oz)

Purchase price of new machine from us: £3450 (+ £30 delivery within UK)

Airnergy Professional Plus

This device contains 4 Activation Chambers.

3 intensity levels: 50%, 75%, 100%

Dimensions: 350mm x 130mm (W x H) x 350mm (D)

Weight: 4.4kg (9 lb 12 oz)

Purchase price of new machine from us: £4295 (+ £30 delivery within UK)

*Price subject to Euro exchange rate and Terms and conditions – please contact us today for exact up-to-date price

Vital Air 5 Plus

With a slightly different design, this device contains the same Activated Oxygen Technology as Airnergy+ devices.

This device contains 5 Activation Chambers, with double catalysts in each and is probably the most powerful and most versatile Activated Oxygen Therapy device in the world.

5 intensity levels: 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5

Dimensions: 310mm x 130mm (W x H) x 280mm (D)

Weight: 4.2kg (9 lb 5 oz)

Includes colour therapy module as standard; auto-illumination of device water in a choice of 6 colours

Purchase price of new machine from us: £4195 (+ £30 delivery within UK)

Our clients tell us that the personal health support they receive during an Airnergy or Vital air rental is invaluable. Therefore, in addition to our straightforward and professional machine rental service, we provide the following as part of each rental:

Rental Bonuses:


  • Monthly Check-in Calls. With your agreement, we will schedule monthly support calls to check in and ensure you’re getting the best possible experience with your Vital Air or Airnergy machine. Of course, you can contact us outside of these times too, if necessary.
  • Free Airnergy Support Pack, tailored to your particular health condition(s), hand-delivered with your machine at the start of your rental period.

We are happy to share with you our 14+ years’ Activated Oxygen Therapy experience via telephone or email if and when you choose to access it.

Rental Fees:

Device: Rental Period: Rental Fee:
Vital Air 5 Plus 1 month – 12 months £180 / month
Vital Air 3 Plus 1 month – 12 months £170 / month
Professional Plus 1 month – 12 months £155 / month

£50 Courier delivery (fee covers courier return at the end of your rental).

All rentals are subject to contractual terms and conditions; not meant to be complicated, simply to ensure you know where you stand and we know where we stand.

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    Airnergy devices provide Activated oxygen therapy in a safe, portable, easy-to-use method for health optimisation. Hire an Airnergy machine today to begin your oxygen therapy easily, economically and effectively via an Airnergy rental from Unique Perceptions.