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At Unique Perceptions our aim and intention is to assist individuals in reaching and maintaining complete balance of body, mind and spirit – leading to the healthiest, happiest life each individual can create.

Dr Claire J Bowen Unique Perceptions

Dr Claire Bowen

Claire started her career as a medical doctor, going into medicine with a powerful, continuing desire to assist individuals develop and maintain optimum health of body, mind and spirit. During her final training to become a GP, Claire became severely ill and subsequently spent several years learning about health and disease from a patient’s perspective, developing a growing awareness then passion for the world of healthcare outside of ‘conventional medicine’.

Following her recovery, in which Activated Oxygen Therapy was key, based on her own research, Claire devised a management programme for recovery from M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and authored a book detailing the process:  Completing the Jigsaw. She has also co-authored a Handbook for Alternative Healthcare Practitioners; a Guide to the Intentional Consultation – Noticing Fixes More Than Fixing.

Having explored and studied Environmental Medicine, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Activated Oxygen, Self-Actualisation Learning Technology, NLP and other healing, transformative modalities, Claire is now a certified Hypnotherapist, Self-Actualisation Coach and Activated Oxygen Therapy Consultant. At Unique Perceptions, Claire offers personalised Natural Health support to clients renting and purchasing Activated Oxygen machines. You can contact her by emailing drclaire@uniqueperceptions.co.uk or calling +44(0)1743-718-324

Claire Bowen