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At Unique Perceptions our aim and intention is to assist individuals in reaching and maintaining complete balance of body, mind and spirit – leading to the healthiest, happiest life each individual can create.

Dr Claire J Bowen Unique Perceptions

Dr Claire Bowen

Claire started her career as a medical doctor, going into medicine with a powerful, continuing desire to assist individuals develop and maintain optimum health of body, mind and spirit. During her final training to become a GP, Claire became severely ill and subsequently spent several years learning about health and disease from a patient’s perspective, developing a growing awareness then passion for the world of healthcare outside of ‘conventional medicine’.

Following her recovery, in which Activated Oxygen Therapy was key, based on her own research, Claire devised a management programme for recovery from M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and authored a book detailing the process:  Completing the Jigsaw. She has also co-authored a Handbook for Alternative Healthcare Practitioners; a Guide to the Intentional Consultation – Noticing Fixes More Than Fixing.

Having explored and studied Environmental Medicine, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Activated Oxygen, Self-Actualisation Learning Technology, NLP and other healing, transformative modalities, Claire is now a certified Hypnotherapist, Self-Actualisation Coach and Activated Oxygen Therapy Consultant. She is available for one-to-one sessions of Hypnotherapy, Chronic Illness Support and Airnergy+ and you can contact her to find out more by emailing drclaire@uniqueperceptions.co.uk or calling +44(0)1743-718-324

Claire Bowen