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Welcome to Unique Perceptions!

We specialise in providing Activated Oxygen Therapy (also known as Singlet Oxygen Energy Therapy /  Energised Oxygen) worldwide, supported by Natural Health Practitioner, Dr. Claire Bowen, author of ‘Completing the Jigsaw’ to further provide you with the optimum Activated Oxygen experience!

Activated Oxygen doesn’t have to cost the earth. Our rental and purchase prices of probably the world’s most powerful Activated Oxygen Therapy machines; the Vital Air 5 Plus and the Kinetic Oxygen 6 Plus, reflect our ambition to make this therapy as accessible as possible. Moreover, both these devices are more affordable and even more powerful than the Airnergy Professional Plus.

Rent to Own – Payment Plans

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Purchase a brand new Vital Air 5 Plus or Kinetic Oxygen 6 Plus device and spread the payments over six or twelve months! Limited numbers of Rent to Own machines available.

What IS Activated Oxygen Therapy?

This is one term used to describe an innovative, natural systemic therapy which involves inhalation of air that has been ‘activated’ or ‘energised’ via a safe chemical reaction, making the oxygen within the filtered air much more easily used by the body and triggering enhanced metabolic reaction within cells throughout the body.

In addition, other terms for this therapy are: ‘Energised Air Therapy’, ‘Activated Air Therapy’, ‘Singlet Oxygen Energy’ and ‘Spirovital Therapy’.

Moreover, please note that ‘Activated Oxygen’ is a term sometimes use to describe ‘ozone therapy’. This is very different from Activated Oxygen Therapy as we describe and work with. Ozone therapy involves the actual intake of O3 (ozone) to the body, which is a controversial treatment with keen proponents and strong antis, whereas Singlet Oxygen Therapy / Energised Oxygen / Activated Oxygen in our context involves manufacture of singlet oxygen (1O2) though absolutely no singlet oxygen is taken into the body.

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“All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level.”

Dr Arthur C. Guyton, M.D.

We are not permitted to publish certain results of Energised Oxygen Therapy research studies or personal ‘testimonials’ online. If you’d like more information about the extent of this therapy’s effects and how it could be relevant to you, please contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

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