Why Rent From Us?

We don’t have any secrets about our fees. All our prices of Vital Air, Airnergy and SOEMAC are freely available on our website. Some Activated Oxygen companies hide their prices. We believe you deserve transparency and honesty.

Reasons why we believe you will receive the best Activated Oxygen Therapy Rental and purchase experience if you choose to work with us rather than other Activated Oxygen Therapy companies:


We are the only UK and Ireland based business offering national Vital Air and Airnergy Activated Oxygen machine rental via a medically qualified doctor, Dr. Claire Bowen, who personally used Activated Oxygen as a cornerstone for recovery from severe M.E. / CFS and Fibromyalgia.

All our Activated Oxygen Therapy rentals and purchases are overseen by a health professional (Dr Claire Bowen) – ensuring optimal safe and effective use of the devices, along with general health support. NB This is provided as complementary to treatment and management provided by the customer’s own medical professionals and is not intended in any way, to discourage users seeking essential medical support for health conditions they experience.

To the best of our knowedge, at present, all other rental companies are sales based businesses, with target sales to achieve.

We believe that the value of having a professionally qualified doctor alongside you, in support of your Activated Oxygen experience, and who knows, from personal experience what she’s talking about when it comes to recovering from chronic illness, far outweighs any gimmicky sales offers made by some suppliers of Activated Oxygen to beat prices by 5%.


As standard we offer you a free 30 minute specialist health support session with Dr Claire Bowen during each month of your rental. Dr Bowen is a former NHS doctor, registered with the GMC, with 14 years+ personal and professional experience with Activated Oxygen Therapy for chronic illness. Your unique 30 minute telephone or email sessions can either be taken as one session monthly or spread over several shorter calls or emails, if you have questions throughout the month.


We hand deliver your rental machine to you, set it up for you, answer any questions or queries about functioning, provide a personalised usage schedule, tailored to you and your specific health concern and supervise your first therapy session. We offer unlimited technical support (via telephone or face-to-face where necessary), and then come and pack up and collect your rental machine at the end of the rental period.

To the best of our knowledge, all other rental companies require you to unpack, set up and work out for yourself how the machine works, guess what dosage you require, then pack up and return the machine yourself. We make renting easy.


We are not sales driven, we are health driven. Unlike Sales companies, we will not knowingly overcharge you for renting or buying a new Vital Air 3 Plus, Vital Air 5 Plus or the basic Airnergy Professional Plus. We don’t have profit targets to hit, and so you won’t get any pressure selling from us. What interests us most about you is your movement towards full optimum health and vitality. We believe that when buying into our total package, which includes monthly consultations at your convenience with our medically qualified professional, Dr Claire Bowen, our overall value for money approach cannot be beaten. We rent or sell our Activated Oxygen Therapy equipment and packages internationally.


If you have a Vital Air or Airnergy machine which you no longer use, we will encourage you to keep it, and for a management fee, we will rent the machine out for you, earning you up to £2,000 per annum. You’ll retain full ownership of your machine, and have the option to sell the machine after each rental period. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for more details.


If you prefer, we can find a suitable buyer for your machine by advertising it on our websites, or buying it from you directly for a fair price.


We can offer Vital Air Activated Oxygen devices in the UK. Any Vital Air rentals from us will be either new machines or less than 36 months old. The Vital Air 5+ is probably the most powerful and versatile Activated Oxygen Therapy machine in the world, with 5 activation chambers (to the Airnergy machine’s 4) and double the catalyst quantity in each chamber. Light colour therapy and aromatherapy also comes as standard in Vital Air devices.

To quote BioLife Solutions Ltd’ pre-2017 statement (the main Airnergy distributor of ‘New’ Airnergy devices in the UK and Ireland), ‘The more activation units in the device, the more energy is therefore produced. This is especially important for those who are chronically ill and of the older generation. It is not just the time spent on the device which is important, it is the intensity of therapy which is more important. That’s why we advise people to take a device with as many activation units as they can afford’. On the basis of this, presumably, BioLife Solutions Ltd would recommend the Vital Air 5+.


Honesty, Integrity and Transparency are very important to us. We do not say, or give the impression, that the Airnergy Professional Plus is a medically approved machine. As far as we can ascertain, the Airnergy Basis Plus has been awarded that status by the German medical profession. Please be clear that the Airnergy Professional Plus has not been approved by the UK National Health Service, as per inferred claims of other rental and sales companies. This does not however, detract from the great potential of Airnergy machines to support recovery and optimal health.


We take the time to understand the nature and extent of the health condition(s) you are dealing with (as far as you choose to discuss with us, confidentially) We will then offer you an appropriate machine with the therapeutic strength and intensity to meet your requirements. We will not supply you with a machine that we believe is unlikely to assist your health aims ‘just to make a sale’.

If you’ve any remaining queries about whether to rent or buy from us, please contact us. If you already know how you’d like to proceed, click the links below.


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