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Vital Air 3 Plus compared to Airnergy Professional Plus Machines

The manufacturers of Vital Air announce they have once again improved the internal catalysts within the chambers of the Vital Air 3 Plus and Vital Air 5 Plus Activated Oxygen Machines to produce an even more powerful delivery of Activated (Singlet) Oxygen Energy than ever before. The Professional Plus Machine, manufactured by Airnergy AG, which was fast becoming the lesser cousin of the Vital Air 5 Plus, in terms of therapeutic power, now falls into third place behind the Vital Air 3 Plus, both on therapeutic power and price. We now consider it a basic starter machine and best for health maintenance purposes of already healthy people.

With both the Vital Air 3 Plus and Vital Air 5 Plus outperforming the Airnergy Professional Plus on delivery of therapeutic power, versatility and value for money, it is our belief that the Vital Air 3 Plus’s 3 chambers (which we sell for £3450.00) is now more powerful than the Airnergy Professional Plus’s 4 chambers (sold through BioLife Solutions Ltd for over £4600.00), because of the way the Vital Air 3 Plus generates and delivers Activated Oxygen.

The astonishing and incredible news we have learned recently, is that only 2 of the 4 chambers in the Airnergy Professional Plus machine create Activated Oxygen which is then inhaled, which is why you only get 3 levels of intensity or power and which relate to the amount of (photo-sensitive) pigment lit in each of the 2 chambers (50%, 75% and 100%) rather than the number of chambers activated. In the Vital Air 3 Plus machine, all 3 of the chambers and all of the pigments (20% more light nodes in each of the 3 chambers in the Vital Air 3 Plus than in the Airnergy Professional Plus) are utilised to create Activated Oxygen, so you get substantially more Activated Oxygen Therapy and save yourself over £1000.00 in the process (prices comparing our sale of the Vital Air 3 Plus to the main UK Airnergy distributor’s sale price of the Professional Plus).

Now imagine the power of the Activated Oxygen Therapy delivered by the 5 chamber Vital Air 5 Plus compared to the ‘2 chamber’ Airnergy Professional Plus, delivering you 3 extra chambers and a saving of over £500.00 (we sell the Vital Air 5 Plus for £4100.00).

Our opinion, that the Vital Air 5 Plus and the Vital Air 3 Plus machines are vastly more powerful than the Airnergy Professional Plus, has been confirmed in communication with the Vital Air manufacturer’s Chief Engineer, formerly the Chief Engineer of Airnergy AG (the manufacturer of the Airnergy Professional Plus). Here is an English translation of his communication in German, which we also provide:

English Translation:

Here is some information to compare the effect of the Vital Air 3 Plus and Airnergy Professional Plus device. The Vital Air 3 Plus device is more powerful than the Airnergy Professional Plus device according to our evaluation criteria.

Explanation / Justification

The Airnergy Professional Plus uses 2 of the 4 units / catalysts to activate the water. Singlet oxygen energy is passed through the airflow through the spray element / water and the energy in the water is bound, therefore this water should be drunk after the application. The other 2 of the 4 units / catalysts are used to activate the air. Only the colour blue is integrated into the therapy.

The Vital Air 3 Plus unit uses all 3 units / catalysts for air activation (the water is not directly activated). However, in the Vital Air 3 Plus machine, per unit / catalyst there are at least 20 times the amount of pigment used to generate singlet oxygen energy. The Vital Air 3+ unit contains all colors as well as white (when all RGB LEDs light up simultaneously). This means that the [physical] body can precisely absorb the light wavelengths / vibrations that it needs because of resonance. What the body / organism needs can change constantly, since we are open biological systems and not rigid.

The singlet oxygen energy is in the quality of a pure Yin energy that reaches all cells. The opposite pole Yang energy is provided by the whole spectrum of colour therapy in the VA3 Plus and serves for internal communication in the body (meridians / chagrin / energy centers). The effect is optimal only when Yin and Yang energy are provided equally and evenly.

The Yang energy quality is very limited with the Airnergy Professional Plus, with only the colour blue being utilised. This can only provide the body with a fraction of the necessary vibrations / colour wavelengths.

German Communication:

“Anbei einige Informationen zum Vergleich der Wirkung zwischen Vital Air 3+ und Airnergy Professional Plus Gerät. Das Vital Air 3+ Gerät ist nach unseren Kriterien und Bewertungsmaßstäben in seiner Wirkung stärker als das Airnergy Professional Plus Gerät

Erklärung / Begründung

Beim Airnergy Professional Plus werden 2 der 4 Einheiten / Katalysatoren dafür benutzt um das Wasser zu aktivieren. Singulett Sauerstoff Energie für über den Luftstrom durch das Sprudelelement / Wasser geleitet und die Energie im Wasser gebunden, deswegen soll / kann dieses Wasser nach der Anwendung getrunken werden. Die anderen 2 der 4 Einheiten / Katalysatoren werden zur Aktivierung der Luft genutzt. Es ist nur die Farbe blau integriert.

Beim Vital Air 3+ Gerät werden alle 3 Einheiten / Katalysatoren für die Luftaktivierung benutzt (das Wasser wird nicht aktiviert). Pro Einheit / Katalysator sind jedoch mindesten 20mal mehr Farbstoffe enthalten um Singulett Sauerstoff Energie zu generieren. Beim Vital Air 3+ Gerät sind alle Farben enthalten als auch weiß (alle RGB LED leuchten gleichzeitig). Das bedeutet der Körper kann auf Grund von Resonanz genau die Lichtwellenlängen / Schwingungen aufnehmen der er gerade benötigt. Was der Körper / Organismus benötigt kann sich ständig ändern, da wir offene biologische Systeme sind und nicht starr.

Die Singeulett Sauerstoff Energie ist in der Qualität eine reine Yin-Energie, die alle Zellen erreicht. Der Gegenpol Yang-Energie wird durch das komplett Farbspektrum im VA3+ dem Körper zur Verfügung gestellt und dient der internen Kommunikation (Meridiane / Chagrin / Energiezentralen). Nur wenn Yin und Yang im Ausgleich und gleichmäßig angeboten werden, ist die Wirkung optimal.

Die Yang-Energiequalität ist beim Airnergy Professional Plus nur mit der Farbe blau sehr eingeschränkt und kann dem Körper nur ein Bruchteil der notwendigen Schwingungen / Farben zur Verfügung stellen die benötigt werden.”


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