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Why Relationships End

Are you wondering why your intimate relationships often end in dissatisfaction or heartbreak?

Download ‘Why Relationships End’ to understand more about the nature of intimate and non-intimate relationships and why they often seem to ‘go wrong’.
In this thought-provoking and helpful e-book, Simon Rowe discusses how individual needs affect the relationship experience and how you can best achieve the balance and awareness required to achieve harmony with your partner.

Downloadable 16 page PDF – Just £1.99.

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5 Steps Back to Health – Managing M.E. / CFS

M.E / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a complex, often misunderstood and mistreated condition. In this empowering e-book, Dr Claire Bowen outlines the five key areas which need to be addressed by individuals experiencing this debilitating condition and how to develop a self-management programme to enhance and speed up the recovery process.
Please note this empowering e-book is an abridged version of the full management system which can be purchased for £9.90 by clicking here.

Downloadable 40 page PDF – Just £2.99.

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A Handbook to The Intentional Consultation

A paradigm shift for practitioners!
Are you fed up of sessions where the patient comes out feeling much better but you come out feeling completely drained?
Would you like to find more effective methods of dealing with ‘difficult’ patients?
This book explains the basis for this new, more fulfilling way of working and shows how you too can offer your patients and clients much more than a standard consultation.
See how to get more from each and every one of your patient interactions and develop a more effective consulting style using techniques of Present Time Consciousness and a new perspective on your ‘work’!

Downloadable 144 page PDF – Just £2.99.

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Peaceful Heart Peaceful Mind

In this fast-paced, modern world, we can all gain from finding a place of stillness and quiet inside ourselves.

In this beautiful and clear 30 minute Guided Meditation, relax into the radiance of your soul and bask in the depths of your inner peace and serenity as you are guided through a journey exploring and accepting the truth of your heart… and the truth of your mind… as you develop and learn to maintain your own unconditional Peaceful Heart and Peaceful Mind.

Downloadable mp3 audio – Just £2.99.

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Self-Trust, Letting Go & Moving On – Audio

As part of every recovery journey, letting go of the past and becoming clear on the future you wish to move into is an important aspect. This gentle, powerful audio focuses on the development of self-trust in addition to the ‘letting go’ and ‘moving forward’.
This relaxing audio is 31.25 minutes long and can be incorporated into any Holistic Recovery Programme.

Downloadable mp3 audio – Just £3.99.

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Free Resources:

20 Minute Relaxation Audio

Everyone can do with a little more ‘time out’ and relaxation! Learning to relax the body and mind together offers definite benefits in all aspects of your health and life. Decide to invest some time in your own health and well-being and enjoy this downloadable 20 minute Relaxation Audio which is based on gentle and effective self-hypnosis principles. – Listen regularly and re-train your body and mind into true relaxation!

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Your Guide to a High Vibrational Diet

In this easy to read free downloadable article, Dr Claire Bowen describes the key principles to consider if you’re looking to develop a more ‘High Vibrational’ diet! What is a ‘High Vibrational Diet’? It’s a diet that brings your Body, Mind & Spirit into harmony with your life and with the Earth! Through your choice of food and drink – the content and the way you consume it, you can significantly impact many aspects of your life!

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Self-Love & Acceptance Audio

We are often told that in order to give true and sustainable love to others, we must first love ourself. We also often see the evidence that when we do not care for ourselves, we end up in a state unable to help, love and care for others. In this gentle audio – a mixture of self-hypnosis and guided meditation, Dr Claire Bowen leads you through an inner journey to reconnect with your self-love and acceptance to enhance your way of being in the world.

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Relaxing 15 Minute Guided Meditation

Sublime Relaxation! This Meditation on Water offers you a beautiful 15 minute Guided Meditation for powerful stress relief and relaxation. Enjoy it at any time of day or night – no Meditation experience required!
This wonderfully relaxing Guided Meditation leads you to a place of total tranquility; leading you on a comforting inner journey, across calm seas, letting go of all the stresses and worries of your life, coming to rest on a beach of simplicity and peace…

Experience deep relaxation and stress relief as you sink back and enjoy this gentle meditation into the ocean of love.

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