What does Activated Oxygen Therapy do?

Ask an average nine year old if oxygen is important, and you’ll probably get quite a positive answer! We learn from a young age that oxygen is vital for life, and furthermore, that it’s one of the key components in the air we breathe in every day. Ask the same child why¬†the oxygen is so important, or what effects it has in the body to keep us ‘alive’, and you you may get a blank stare. Come to that, ask an average adult about the cellular processes of oxygen and you may get a similarly glazed expression!

This isn’t a post about oxygen’s role within the body. It does, however, offer some clarity about the role of Activated Oxygen Therapy.

The infographic below depicts the main effects of Activated Oxygen within the body. Of those described, one or more modes of action may be particularly relevant for your personal situation.

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Physiological Effects of Activated Oxygen Therapy