You are what you eat?

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘You are what you eat’ – and this is as much true in relation to the vitality and frequency of the foods and drink we ingest, as it is to the actual molecules which make up the ingredients! So what does a ‘Optimal Health diet’ really consist of? And why is it beneficial for us to consider one?

Over recent years, the diet consumed by the majority of Western society has become progressively depleted in nutrients and includes increasing numbers of human-made chemicals and additives. This has resulted in a higher prevalence of diet-related diseases, such as Diabetes and Heart disease, as well as numerous negative mental and emotional effects on individuals throughout the population.

For those of us seeking optimum vitality, an expanded awareness of how everything we take into our energy field affects us, can assist us on our journey. Our level of vitality – is the sum and culmination of the individual frequencies of everything we eat, drink, inhale and absorb – physically, mentally and emotionally. If our aim is to raise our vitality as high as possible – in order to experience higher states of awareness and enjoy more positive, healthful and enjoyable experiences in life, it is logical that we will choose only to expose ourselves to the most ‘vital’ experiences. When it comes to diet, the following pointers may be helpful in achieving this aim:

Glass of Water - EZ Water article - Unique Perceptions

1) Seek the Sun!

Foods with the highest frequency are those with the most life-force within them. Since all life on this planet is sustained by the sun, this equates to the highest levels of ‘sun-energy’. This means that freshly grown fruit and vegetables are of the highest frequency and can provide the greatest vitalising effects on our bodies. The more processed and refined, the lower the frequency of food; the more energy it takes to digest and the more depleted (frequency-lowered) our bodies will be after digestion.

In general, if you can readily recognise the connection between the food you are eating and the effect the sun had on its production, it’s likely that what you’re consuming is of a high vitality. On the other hand, if you find it hard to see any true relation between the sun and the physical production of a foodstuff, it’s likely to be of a far lower frequency. These foods would include processed, ‘convenience’ foods as well as those which have been transported a great distance or been frozen – since the life-force sun-energy dissipates over time, reducing the food’s vitality.

2) Optimise and Alkalise!

Higher frequency foods are nutrient-rich, full of vitamins and micro-nutrients that that the body requires for optimum functioning. No matter how appetising a meal appears, if it contains a surfeit of calories and minimal micronutrients, its vitality is likely to be low. Unfortunately, today’s mainstream diet mainly consists of such foods; highly processed, providing an excess number of calories and a lack of vital nutrients.

Alkaline foods

No one expects you to be a food chemist, but nowadays, with extensive information easily available, it is possible to establish both personal nutritional requirements as well as the nutritional content of the food we consume.  Another aspect of high frequency food is its neutralising effect on the body. The majority of foods in our modern diet are acid-forming. This means that following digestion, they have an acidifying effect on the body. Over time this can result in a significant imbalance and cause a wide range of symptoms and diseases. By choosing mostly high frequency foods which have an alkalising effect on the body (such as many vegetables), the acidifying, ageing effect is minimised and the body’s cells can maintain optimum function. For more information about acid and alkaline foods, click here –

3) Detoxify!

In addition to taking high frequency products and energy into your body, it is important to release and eliminate low frequency matter and energy. This is true physically, mentally and emotionally, but the focus of this article is purely on diet. As humans in the Western world, we have created an environment full of toxins; we are bombarded daily by synthetic chemicals and pollutants which, at best, challenge us to keep an energetic balance. At worst, they overwhelm our bodily system and we become tired, ill and of low vitality. It is important for anyone seeking optimum vitality to be aware of – and address – all that enters their energy field and physical body – and to deal with and release the inevitable build up of lower frequency energy and molecules within their bodily system. In common parlance this means we all need to detoxify our bodies, on a regular basis, to maintain a more vital way of being.

There are numerous methods of detoxification available. Some general principles of safe and effective detoxification are to be gentle with your body, rest, drink lots of water and recognise that seemingly unpleasant symptoms are likely to be a temporary result of your body’s elimination of longstanding waste products.

Glass of Water - EZ Water article - Unique Perceptions

4) Hydrate and Energise!

You’re not just ‘what you eat’, you’re what you drink too – which is why water is also so important to vitality. Water is the basis of all life – including your body. More than 50% of your body is made up of water molecules. Consuming good amounts (at least two litres a day for an average adult) of vibrationally clear water allows the body to release toxins and optimise metabolic processes. Water is a vibrational carrier and can carry all sorts of energetic messages within its molecules. Unfortunately, due to the water-processing systems of today, the water out of our taps is usually low vibrational (although still of a higher frequency than drinks containing alcohol or caffeine!) You can re-energise the water, prior to drinking, via various methods, including energy-charging plates, bio-ceramic water-energisers filters and crystals. It is also possible to change the frequency of water by writing a ‘message’ on a piece of paper and placing this beneath the water container. Words such as ‘love’ and ‘peace’ and ‘vitality’ have been proven to positively change the frequency of water. (Click here for more information on Dr Masuru Emoto’s experiments on water crystals which have taught us much about the effects of thoughts, words and music on water:

An adequate intake of high frequency, energised water is an integral part of maintaining an optimally healthy diet (as well as assisting in detoxification, aiding weight loss and having a highly positive impact on various disease states).

5) Accept Alternatives…

For those seeking optimum vitality, yet used to enjoying a diet based on convenience, a ‘High Vitality Diet’ may seem too radical or restrictive. However, be assured that there really are tasty alternatives to those lower-frequency foods you’re now avoiding!

For example, for chocoholics and sweet-tooth connoisseurs, raw chocolate (containing cacao – the raw, unprocessed form of cocoa), is not only an extremely tasty alternative to the more usual sugar-and-fat-laden variety, it also contains high levels of anti-oxidants, fibre, magnesium and other essential minerals. There are now many high frequency recipes freely available online, and ‘alternative’, higher-frequency ingredients (such as non-dairy milks like hemp milk and coconut milk) are increasingly available.

6) Consume Consciously!

In today’s fast-paced society, it is so easy to eat on the run, or use meal-times as opportunities to engage in technology. This often results in unconscious eating; using our automatic functions to consume the food on our plate, barely noticing the aroma or taste before it enters our digestive system.

Becoming consciously aware of the meal before us, offering gratitude and blessing the food with heartfelt appreciation, can significantly affect the vitality of the food as it enters our body. This can be particularly useful if you recognise that what you’re about to eat is of a lower vitality than you’d ideally choose.

Conscious Eating
Self Love

7) Practise Self-Love

A key tenet of raising and sustaining your vitality, is the practice of self-love and self-kindness. This is equally true when it comes to diet. If you are changing your dietary practices, recognise that this may be ‘changing the habits of a lifetime’ and that changing long-standing habits can require persistence and determination to succeed. If you find yourself falling back into old dietary habits, be kind to yourself – and return to your new way of being…

It is all too easy to mentally beat ourselves up for not being able to maintain changes we consciously make in our lives – yet the ‘beating ourselves up’ has a negative effect on our frequency and vitality – in fact, acts of self-unkindness can be more vitality-lowering than occasional cream cakes or cappuccinos!

Many people find that a transition period is helpful when making dietary changes. A gradual increase in the high frequency foods consumed, accompanied by a decrease in the volume of low frequency foods taken in. When a diet with a ratio of at least 80% : 20% high frequency:low frequency foods is achieved over a gradual period, the likelihood of detoxification side effects is reduced – and the mind is often more readily accepting of the dietary changes, as they become a daily habit.