M.E. / CFS Support Consultations


With long experience of M.E. / CFS and fibromyalgia symptoms, having tried numerous different treatments, therapies and ‘cures’, before finding a combination approach that really worked, Dr Claire Bowen qualified from Nottingham Medical School and worked in General Practice and Hospital Medicine, before a long period off work, dealing with severe M.E. / CFS. After her recovery, Claire went back to work in Environmental Medicine, before expanding her clinical skills and training further through experience in areas including Nutrition, Self-Actualisation Learning Technology, Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Now working as a Natural Health Practitioner rather than clinical doctor, Claire provides support in various ways for individuals with chronic illness.

Known for her compassion and listening skills, Dr Claire offers a supportive, non-judgemental and holistic approach to discuss your health issues and the most appropriate therapy and lifestyle interventions specific to you.

Face-to-Face Consultation: £85 initial session
(1hr – includes full consultation, analysis of pre-session questionnaire and follow up email) (limited availability in 2021)

Telephone Consultation: £85 initial call
(1 hour – can be split into 2 sessions if required)

Follow up Sessions (Face-to-Face): £80 per hour (£40 for half an hour)

Holistic Health Support Telephone Sessions:

30 minutes call – £40

60 minutes call – £80 (includes pre-session analysis of questionnaire and email follow up)

Series of 6 x 30 minute support calls – £228

Series of 10 x 30 minute support calls – £360

I can be quite flexible about timings of telephone / Skype sessions and, with at least 24 hours’ notice can usually change the time or date as necessary. If booking 6 or more sessions, payment is requested upfront, with the sessions then diarised at your convenience – I often find fortnightly calls good to begin with, then moving to every three weeks and monthly – although the client retains control of the timings.

Email Consultation: £75 full email response;
(includes main response plus one follow up email – for clarification where necessary)

Choose the contact that suits you best – face-to-face (at Unique Perceptions, in Caithness, Scotland), telephone or email. For a (free) introductory conversation – to find out how we might be able to work together to improve your health, call Claire on 01743-718-324. If you reach the machine, leave a message detailing your name and number and preferred time of day and day(s) of week for contact and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

If you would prefer an email consultation, email drclaire@uniqueperceptions.co.uk, detailing your medical history, current and previous therapies tried and any particular concerns at present.

Within five days (to ensue a thorough and well-thought out response), you will receive an individualised management plan within an email, which will also address your particular concerns.

All telephone and email consultations include a

FREE electronic copy of Steps Back to Health

Payment must be received prior to telephone consultations or prior to receipt of management email responses. Payment may be made via Paypal (no Paypal account required) or by cheque (made payable to Dr C J Bowen). Once an appointment time / date has been agreed, a Paypal money request will be emailed to you, along with details of how to pay by cheque if you prefer.

To buy a copy of Claire’s M.E. Recovery Manual, Click Here!

Please note that I am a medically qualified (BM BS) doctor, registered with the GMC, but I currently choose not to hold a ‘licence to practice’. This means that I do not diagnose specific conditions, prescribe medications or other pharmaceutical applications, nor write certificates (birth, death etc).
I provide Holistic Health Support for individuals wishing to empower themselves, by sharing knowledge and experience of Natural Health techniques and interventions to lead towards optimum health.

Disclaimer: This website and the services offered herewith are not offered in place of general medical care, and certainly not for acute or emergency medical problems. Due to the non-immediate and remote nature of the service, if in any doubt, please consult your GP.