Kind Words

Feedback from some of our clients:

“I was going to e-mail you just to say a huge thank you for the consultation and sharing with us and especially my daughter your experiences of living with ME. It was truly inspiring to hear and to see how well you are now and to become a parent yourself, It just shows that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

She did feel very tired after the session understandably, I had to cancel her blood test and we went this morning instead. However, after you left she had a glow on her face and felt relieved and much happier. She went to have a little sleep but couldn’t quite get to sleep, I asked why she was feeling so chirpy – she said ‘because Dr Bowen said that it’s OK for me to sleep a little during the day! But I can’t sleep now because I feel so happy that someone actually understands me and knows how I am feeling!’

She really appreciated and enjoyed your visit, despite feeling exhausted afterwards. She was like a different person today. We used the Airnergy machine after we came back from the hospital. She set it up herself and knew exactly what to do, more than me!

Thank again for explaining many things to me about her care and for Shona to listen to her body and what it needs. I realise now, that through desperation, I was trying to implement too many things at this stage which obviously isn’t going to benefit her as her body isn’t receptive to it at the moment. The way you explained it made a lot of sense.”
Indira, Weston-Super-Mare, February 2015

“I have suffered with ME for the last 20 years and without doubt Claire is the most knowledge practitioner I have seen. Her medical background and the fact that she also suffered with the same illness obviously gives her a major insight but she also seems to have the ability to understand exactly how you feel.

My initial email contact generated a considerable amount of extremely useful information and whilst there was a summery of the services at the end there was no high pressure sales. My appointments (one face to face and one by telephone) with her since have helped considerably and each time I received an extremely detailed email within a day confirming all the points we had discussed, something invaluable when you haven’t got a memory!

I was also pleasantly surprised at the charges which are more than reasonable and not only that but I was looking for a lightbox on the web and Claire pointed me in the direction of a really good one at less than half the price.

In a comparatively short tome Claire has made a huge difference to my life, I just wish I had found her sooner.”
Rosi, Yorkshire, January 2015

“Since seeing Dr. Claire for an initial consultation, I feel so much more positive about achieving the life I would like free of M.E. I had felt for a number of years that most days were a battle to get through. Although I am able to work full time, I do not have the energy for anything else, so my free time was spent resting. After trying many different therapies and nutrition, I was getting more and more frustrated that the last push to being fully well was just not happening for me and I felt alone in my struggle. It was fantastic to speak with Dr Claire, who had similar experiences to me and recommended things to try which I had never considered or heard of before. Although I am at the beginning of my last push to full recovery, for the first time ever I feel that it is in my grasp and I am so looking forward to trying out Dr Claire’s recommendations. Thank you!”
Sarah, London, December 2014

“My time with you was absolutely wonderful, even with all the tears. When relating my experience to my daughter
I realised how empowering it all had been and yes we will continue…………together.”
Lynne, August 2014

“Thank you for both your time, support and advice. Keep up the great work!”
Tony, July 2014

“Thanks so much for your follow up email…. very comprehensive and full of useful and interesting info! Also, may I thank you on behalf of both of us, for your generosity in every way, not least with your time!
SO grateful… and I cannot tell you how much we appreciated our consultation (isn’t it amazing what one can accomplish via Skype!). It exceeded my expectations…”

C.A. Barrett, June 2014

“Thank you so much for coming this morning, and I must say, that since you left the knot in my stomach has gone! It may have been just our chat or the hypnotherapy session, but I feel stronger already.”

Maria, June 2014

“I want to thank you particularly for talking to me on Friday. Your words were very powerful, and I hope to be able to think or feel them through. I will try to keep them with me, and act upon them. Already I have been.
You have already done so much for me to help me feel better. I can’t quite believe it, and I feel indebted to you in an absolutely positive way.”

Harriet, May 2014

“I just wanted to say Completing The Jigsaw (Steps Back to Health) is the best resource I have found to date ( believe you, me, I have been reading everything about ME). I am currently step by step using the information on my road to recovery.”
Lynne (MAR, Dip Reflexology, Dip Aromatherapy)

“I am doing extremely well, I went on a walking holiday to Italy for a week and I felt fantastic with lots of energy! We got back on Thursday night and started straight away with my routine, chi machine and yesterday the chi machine, the infra red and the airnergy.  The change I have had in my health is absolutely amazing, thanks to you.  I am following your advice and going slowly with the infra-red, chi-machine and the Airnergy. Thank you for being there for when I need your advice, I do appreciate it.”

“I have only just read your book. It’s brilliant. I think it resonates brilliant with  my “bigger picture” situation… Your work is excellent in describing clearly the complexity of chronic fatigue/exhaustion in the round as well as describing the myriad  treatment strategies employable around now as well.. in my opinion..!”

“Many thanks for sending me your ‘Steps back to health’. It seems to me that all the threads of hope and information I have gleaned over the years, you have brought together into a cohesive whole. Although I have not studied it in depth yet, I can see that it is a marvellous tool, and very flexible as well” 

“Thanks a million. I love the detail and the breadth of info yet everything is so accessible. Now I really know how to skin-brush and breathe and I can really identify with pages 21-25. It’s great!”

“Thank you very much for your ‘phone consult and following letter with all the information. Both were a real tonic – greatly appreciated….”

“Thank you for calling me so promptly. It’s good to talk to someone who knows what it’s like and has insight.”

“…Your medical background gives you superb insight into our debilitating conditions…what I have read (of your book) today was clear, concise and very well expressed i.e. in terms of sentence construction, explanations and lay-out. I found a great balance between the technical information and general. Congratulations! Your Protocol will obviously help a great many patients and doctors, therapists and, hopefully, researchers.”

“Thank you for your help and support.  We have all felt somewhat isolated, friends are so kind and sympathetic but they find it hard to empathise; ME/CFS is such a different kind of illness. Communicating with you has been a great comfort” 

“Thank you so much for your call to John on Thursday. It couldn’t have come at a better time, and your words really did help him enormously… Now we realise he’s just been shutting anxiety away for the last few years, so it’s a good thing it is all being released. ”