Worn out by being a dedicated practitioner?

Are you fed up of sessions where the patient comes out feeling much better, but you come out feeling completely drained?

Figure there must be a better way to deal with ‘difficult’ clients?

Time for a new approach!…

Noticing Fixes More than Fixing - Buy online

See how to get more from each and every one of your patient interactions and develop a more effective consulting style!

Noticing fixes more than Fixing is Dr Mick Mackenzie’s ultimate guide to The Intentional Consultation – An invaluable resource for any healthcare practitioner who wants to optimise their services and increase the vitality of their patients in an authentic, compassionate and FUN way! Written in an easy-to-understand style, this E-book provides a wealth of information and tips on how to approach healthcare in a most effective and enlivening way. Start to enjoy your patients again!


Inside you will learn…

    • How to take a moment (as well as take a history…)
    • The difference between caring and compassion
    • Tips for a more fun practice
    • Keys to navigating the world of emotion
    • How to avoid ‘soul-weariness’ and practitioner burn-out
    • How to get your patients healthier quicker & keep your own health & happiness too!

Noticing Fixes More than Fixing - Buy online

Dr Mick MacKenzie practised as a well-respected chiropractor and kinesiologist for years. Every day he listened to his patients moan about their symptoms and their lives, as both they and he got older and more depressed. Then he discovered a new way of doing things; a new way of consulting, which resulted in happier, healthier patients and a much happier, more vital Dr MacKenzie.

This book explains the basis for this new, more fulfilling way of working and shows how you too can offer your patients and clients much more than a standard consultation.

To purchase a copy of Dr Mick’s Guide to The Intentional Consultation for just £9.99 (plus VAT) – with immediate download available, click on the image below:

Noticing Fixes More than Fixing - Buy online

Noticing Fixes More than Fixing - Buy online

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Wishing you every health & happiness!


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