Are you looking for Peace of Mind?

A healthier body?

Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, get rid of unhelpful fears and phobias, or if you have a health condition that you know can be worsened by stress – or if you simply want to feel happier, more confident and more in control of your life, Hypnotherapy can offer relief and transformation!

What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis (also known as ‘trance’) is an entirely natural, altered state of awareness – that each of us go into every day – that half-awake state just before waking and just before falling asleep. It’s also the state you drift into when engrossed in a good book or film, and that experience of driving – when you reach your destination and realise you’ve no memory of the journey… Although being in a state of trance ‘naturally’ can be a pleasurable and relaxing experience, this is nothing compared to the powerful effects that being ‘guided’ into hypnosis can bring – and this is where Hypnotherapy comes in.

When in a state of hypnosis, the usual barriers to your inner thoughts and feelings can be bypassed – meaning that suggestions made to your mind at this time are much more powerfully acted upon than during normal daily living.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis!

This means that, a bit like a Sat Nav, which tells you which direction to take in order to reach your destination, but will not force you to follow its advice, the Hypnotherapist can offer guidance and recommendations to help you achieve your goals, but it is up to you to choose to follow that guidance. No individual can be made to go into hypnosis against their will – and in the same way, suggestions and guidance offered whilst someone is in hypnosis, will only take root and be acted upon by the individual, if, on some level, they consciously want to make those changes.

During Hypnotherapy…

…the Hypnotherapist is effectively speaking to your subconscious mind. This is a very powerful aspect of your mind that controls many aspects of how we live and see ourselves in the world. The subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between ‘real’ and ‘imagined (which is why dreams can seem so real) – which means various techniques, including mental imagery can be used by therapists to help individuals transform their lives in the way they want!

As well as dealing with emotional and mental issues really effectively, since there is such a strong connection between our mind and our body, Hypnotherapy can also be extremely helpful in transforming physical conditions. It is an ideal therapy to use in conjunction with other treatments – both ‘alternative’ and ‘conventional’.

Virtually any condition or issue – where attitude (including ‘stress’) plays any part, can potentially be helped using Hypnotherapy. Just a few of the most common issues Hypnotherapy can work well for, include:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • ‘Stress overload’
  • Tension Headaches and Migraines
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Weight Loss
  • Addictions and Unwanted habits
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Exams / Driving Test  / Wedding Nerves

With any issue which is primarily ‘physical’, it is important to obtain an accurate diagnosis and undergo any necessary initial treatment, prior to seeking assistance from a Hypnotherapist. At Unique Perceptions we can work with your GP to ensure you receive the most appropriate, complete care and treatment possible.

Hypnotherapy with Dr Claire:

Initial session ~ 1 hour and a half (includes analysis of pre-session questionnaire)
Subsequent sessions ~ 1 hour

Fees: £60 / hour
Payable by cash, cheque or BACS

At Unique Perceptions, Dr Claire utilises her medical knowledge along with her Hypnotherapy skills to offer the most appropriate experience to clients.

If you’d like more information, or would like to book an appointment, please contact us!