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Exciting recent scientific discoveries in the Physics of Water have shown increasing evidence of the importance of water in normal functioning of the body and in achieving optimum health.

The role of water both in health and in recovery from disease is starting to be better understood; beyond the basic ‘it’s important to stay hydrated’. Key to the new understanding is the discovery of the fourth phase of water, a form of water known as ‘EZ Water’.

What is EZ Water?

EZ Water is known as ‘Living Water’ or ‘Structured Water’. It’s also called ‘Ordered Water’, ‘Liquid Crystalline Water’, ‘Energised Water’, ‘Activated Water’ and ‘Gel Water’. Although it is composed of the same elements (Hydrogen and Oxygen) as ‘normal’ water (H2O), its structure, composition and properties have been observed to be quite unique and biologically relevant. Whilst normal water is described as H2O, this recently discovered ‘form’ of water is described as H3O2. EZ Water is called the fourth phase of water, because it’s observed to exist ‘between’ the states of liquid and solid (ice). When water freezes, it goes from liquid to EZ Water, to ice. When it melts, it goes from ice, to EZ Water, to liquid. This fourth phase of water is the form found most abundantly inside the body, at least abundantly when cells and organs are functioning efficiently. EZ Water is denser, more viscous, more ordered and more alkaline than regular water. Significantly, rather than being neutral, it also holds a negative charge (a negative electrical potential) and can hold energy, rather like a battery. This is believed to have huge implications for cellular processes, especially energy production. Most of the work on discovering and understanding EZ Water has been carried out by Dr Gerald Pollack and his team; a world-renowned Research Scientist, Professor of BioEngineering at the University of Washington and editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Water. Dr Pollack coined the phrase ‘EZ Water’, because one of the first properties he discovered about it is that it creates an Exclusion Zone via the separated charge, in that it excludes even very small molecules, effectively acting as a water purifier. (As a side note, this has exciting potential as use in desalination methods to utilise sea water more effectively).

How is EZ Water formed?

The key ingredient to create EZ Water is electromagnetic radiation of certain frequencies. i.e. light, acting on hydrophilic surfaces (i.e. those with a tendency to mix with, or dissolve in water). We are surrounded by different electromagnetic frequencies all the time. Some are supposedly damaging and others highly beneficial. For example infra red rays from the sun are both warming and visible as light. The light acts on the water inside our body to optimise levels of EZ by separating charge. Ultraviolet Light also separates charge, so increases EZ Water. EZ Water is only formed when the water is ‘still’ i.e. not flowing. We would not want our blood to be composed of high levels of EZ, since the extra viscosity would make the blood more ‘sticky’ and more likely to clot. However, within our cells, the ‘negative charge’ properties of EZ Water make it ideal as a component and container of so many vital processes.

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The Science Explanation:

When water is exposed to light, EZ (‘structured’) Water will form on any surface that is Hydrophilic (‘water-loving’). In the body, the proteins in our cells are hydrophilic, which is why EZ Water is formed within our cells. Infra red rays are the most powerful at generating EZ Water, although the visible light spectrum and ultraviolet also create structured water. Once the (negatively charged) Exclusion Zone is produced, the ‘extra’ protons (positively charged) are pushed into the ‘bulk water’ (i.e. the non EZ Water / ordinary water), resulting in two separate parts of water; the EZ Water, which is structured in a hexagonal, honeycomb-shaped lattice and has a negative charge, and the bulk water, which is made up of hydronium ions and has a positive charge. This basically creates a battery (with a positive and negative charge).


How does EZ Water Impact Health and the Body?

Cells have a negative charge (this can be demonstrated by sticking an electrode inside a cell and measuring a negative electrical potential). It’s now believed that this negative charge is created by the EZ water inside the cell. This negative charge may be the mechanism which drives many bodily processes. For example, the negative charge of EZ Water is the most basic antioxidant in the body; it donates electrons to combat free radicals. The discovery and exploration of EZ Water is generating a lot of questions about the reality of our understanding of Biochemistry. For example, Dr Pollack suggests that what we have previously understood about ATP (the energy currency of cells) is inaccurate; that rather than a high energy bond being relevant, that ATP donates negative charge for cellular energy production. EZ Water also aids in cellular detoxification and is key for functional blood circulation. It may also be fundamental for lymphatic flow, although these areas all require further research for greater understanding. So far, experimentation and anecdotal evidence all suggest highly positive effects of optimising the amount of EZ Water in the body.

Ways to increase the EZ Water in your body:

  Your body can use energy to generate EZ water from the normal water you’ve ingested, or you can save that energy by consuming EZ water itself. Below are just a few ways of optimising the EZ levels in your body:

  • Oxygen Therapy – it has been shown that oxygen increases the generation of EZ Water. When you increase oxygen concentration in cells, more EZ Water is created. Especially in areas that are injured or dysfunctional (i.e. lacking in EZ Water). This may be a key mechanism by which Oxygen Therapy is often so beneficial for a wide range of health conditions. Activated Oxygen Therapy is a specific form of Oxygen Therapy which not only increases oxygenation and oxygen utilisation throughout the body, but also adds to the antioxidant effect in cells. This is important since traditional oxygen therapies may theoretically push the body beyond its physiological oxygen threshold and actually increase free radicals (and consequent cell damage). Thereby, Activated Oxygen Therapy provides an excellent support to the body; not only increasing EZ Water via optimised oxygenation, but also enhancing the antioxidant status of the body without risk of negative effects.
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  • Juicing Fruit and Vegetables – Juicing especially, but eating more fruits and vegetables in general is a great way to boost your EZ levels. The water in fresh, natural fruit and vegetables is mainly EZ Water (as in animal cells, so in plant cells). The high concentration of electrolytes (minerals) in plant sources also help absorb the water better. Especially good are cucumbers, strawberries, celery, carrots, spinach, melons and raspberries, which all contain more than 85% water (lots of EZ!)
  • Chia seeds – when you soak chia seeds in good quality water, a large amount of EZ forms around each seed, which then enters the body when you consume them. If the chia seeds are crushed prior to soaking, the effect seems to be magnified.
  • Minerals such as copper, zinc, magnesium and calcium all build EZ Water levels. This is part of the reason why purified (distilled), remineralised water put through a vortex before drinking may be the most healthful form of drinking water. Adding lemon or lime juice to your drinking water and / or a pinch of Himalayan pink salt adds these minerals to encourage absorption of water and production of EZ.
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  • Vital Water This is a (patent pending) purified, stabilised form of EZ Water currently available, exclusively to Vital Air customers, manufactured in Europe. Adding just a few drops of Vital Water to your first drink in the morning can potentially have a significant impact on the EZ Water in your cells, improving cell health and cell functioning. Anecdotal reports are suggesting very significant health improvements with this new product, especially when combined with Vital Air Therapy. Testing shows that purified, stabilised EZ water such as Vital Water:
    – Has increased life force energy.
    – Increases the bio-availability (i.e. absorption and assimilation) of trace minerals and elements.
    – Neutralises toxins.
    – Has different hydrogen bonding angles compared to unstructured (normal) water (that’s a specific scientific structural phenomenon)

Various Holistic Therapies and Treatments are known to impact the body globally (i.e. not symptom-specific but a general optimisation of functioning). It is now believed that creation of EZ Water may be at least part of the reason for this. Energised Oxygen Therapy is one such treatment. In addition to researched benefits on the Nervous System, Stress Hormones and Oxygenation levels, it’s believed that the Energised Oxygen acts to increase EZ Water within the body, providing a systemic enhancement to cellular functioning, repair and regeneration.


What reduces levels of EZ Water in the body?

Salts, such as sodium and potassium chloride are believed to diminish EZ Water production and maintenance. Acid conditions (less than ~pH 4) tend to reduce growth of the EZ. This may well be part of the explanation as to why acidic conditions within the body potentially lead to more dysfunctional cellular processes. Although there is still much to understand about the actions and effects of EZ Water on the body and on health and disease, there seems to be sufficient evidence now available to focus on increasing the amount and quality of EZ Water in the body as a component of any Holistic Health programme. You can find out more about the scientific research on EZ Water at Dr Pollack’s website: