BRAND NEW Airnergy Professional Plus!


BRAND NEW, Airnergy Professional Plus (4 x 1 catalyst Activation Chambers) £4395.00 now available with all new accessories. Included are: 10 nasal cannulas, 2 air filters, a glass water bottle and glass sparkling element, and power supply. Offered with a two years’ Airnergy AG Manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us for more details – either telephone: 01743718324 or email:, or through our contact page.

New Airnergy Professional Plus


Airnergy Professional Plus - now £4395

Your health is important to us. We recommend you rent a machine first, for at least one month. In this way, you can experience the therapy in your own home, and hopefully begin to experience the benefits. Following this, you can comfortably make the outlay of purchase for a new machine.

Please contact us to discuss the pros and cons of purchasing and renting: +44 (0)1743-718-324.


An Even More Powerful Machine!

The most innovative, powerful and versatile Activated Oxygen Therapy device in the world is the Vital Air 5 Plus.

Vital Air activation chambers have double the catalysts in each activation chamber (compared to the Airnergy Professional Plus). The further developments of the Vital Air colour therapy module also improve the treatment effect. Depending on your sensitivity, you can choose from 5 levels of intensity (with Airnergy you have just 3 levels).

We offer you a BRAND NEW Vital Air 5 Plus for £4295.00 (no VAT), with all new accessories, and two years’ Manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact us for more details on renting or purchasing a Vital Air 5 Plus. Telephone: 01743-718-324. Email:, or use our contact page!

Vital Air 5 Plus Rental - Activated Oxygen Therapy from Unique Perceptions


  • Unlimited Specialist Support available from set-up and throughout your rental, to post-purchase


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