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Have you ever wondered why walking through woodland after a rainstorm can evoke such a great feeling of well-being? The “connecting with nature” and distance from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life may well be a factor. However, another factor may be that oxygen is entering your body in a more energised, activated state, due to the effects of sunlight on leaves covered with raindrops. This is the basis for a relatively new therapy, which provides the body with extra-energised or ‘activated’ air, or ‘Activated Oxygen’, boosting oxygen delivery and improving the process of energy production in cells.

Activated Oxygen Therapy

Activated Air Therapy is a new technology, developed in Germany over the past few years, which helps the body make better use of the oxygen naturally present in air. By means of a patented process, similar to photosynthesis, oxygen in the air is momentarily converted into a ‘singlet state’.

‘Singlet state’ is the active form of oxygen found within the body for use in vital metabolic reactions.

Airnergy Rental - Professional Plus DeviceSince this form of oxygen is extremely useful (essential in fact!) within the body, but very ‘unstable’ outside the body, the oxygen almost immediately reverts to the more usual form of ‘O2’ – in doing so, ‘extra’ energy is released – which is then absorbed by water-molecules in a glass bottle within the Activated Oxygen device.

It is these high-energy water molecules (rather than actual singlet oxygen) which are then inhaled through a lightweight nasal cannula (plastic tube). Once inside the body, the extra-energy in these water molecules eases the transport of oxygen to cells as well as improving the efficiency with which oxygen is utilised within cells all over the body – put simply,

More oxygen absorbed

More oxygen in cells

More efficient use of oxygen in cells

More efficient processes within cells throughout the body

Cells work better

Organs work better

Person feels better as body is healing and working more optimally!

There are no side effects to using Activated Air therapy (no nasty chemicals or drugs – just improving on natural air!) and it is safe for anyone to use.

Ideally, you enjoy Activated Oxygen Therapy sessions daily, in the comfort of your own home – so, long-term, purchasing is the best option. However, in order to allow individuals to ‘try before you buy’ and begin to experience the benefits of the therapy before making the outlay of purchase, we now offer rental of Vital Air and Airnergy devices, offering helpful, tailored support based on our 12 years’ experience with Activated Oxygen Therapy.

It is recommended to use the device a minimum of 3 times a week for sustained effects and for chronic illness, twice daily treatments are recommended where possible.

Whether it is for sports peak performance or therapy for long term health problems, Activated Oxygen Therapy can offer additional health support and have a significant effect on your well-being.

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Therapy for Chronic Illness:

Activated Air Therapy acts at a cellular level – this means that whatever the illness or symptoms, there is potential for significant improvement by treating the actual root of the symptoms, not just treating the surface symptoms of a condition.

Healthcare technology for peak performance?

racing carsIt’s not only sick people that can benefit from Airnergy technology. Individuals wishing to retain their health, prevent future disease and to increase their performance ability are also finding great advantages in using activated air therapy. Ambassadors of the technology include the endurance athlete Joey Kelly and world-renowned physiotherapist Balbir Singh who worked with Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher for ten years. Other users include the German Olympic and Paralympic teams, who use Airnergy as part of their formal training programme.

Activated air therapy is particularly used in motorsport, where its powerful effects and ease of use mean it’s an ideal method of enhancing mental and physical fitness; improving drivers’ ability and concentration even when under stress. In this situation activated air therapy not only improves performance, it also increases safety.

Other applications include preventative medicine in the workplace (where activated air therapy can increase motivation, concentration and strengthen the immune system) and general fitness and wellness for the population at large. Throughout the world, health spas, gyms and wellness hotels are providing this new healthcare technology for their guests and clients with impressive results.

How does Activated Oxygen Therapy compare to other ‘Oxygen therapies’?

Other oxygen therapies are based on the assumption that providing the body with more oxygen will mean more oxygen is actually used by cells, so aerobic (oxygen-requiring) metabolic reactions will work better. Although traditional oxygen therapies (such as Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and hydrogen peroxide) have produced excellent results in a diverse range of applications, they are not without problems. Aside from specific therapy-related complications (such as pressure-related injury in hyperbaric therapy), oxygen toxicity is a significant concern. Toxicity results from the formation of oxygen free radicals. As previously described, these are damaging particles that arise within mitochondria (the ‘batteries’ of cells) as energy is produced. Injury caused by these free radicals can result in variably severe diseases. Free radical damage is also thought to be the cause of premature biological ageing. In health, the body uses its well-developed anti-oxidant enzyme defence system to neutralise free radicals and prevent damage. But if the anti-oxidant system is weak (as it often is in disease states), or the system is overloaded with free radicals (as can occur with excessive oxygen inhalation), they can start to cause major problems for an individual.

Activated Oxygen Therapy, such as provided by a Vital Air or Airnergy+ device, is free from these disadvantages, but appears to offer all the benefits. The thought behind this technology is that the limiting factor for metabolism is not the amount of oxygen, but rather the body’s ability to use it.

In terms of oxygen metabolism, it is an issue of quality and efficiency versus quantity. Traditional oxygen therapies aim to increase the latter, whilst Activated air therapy, via an Airnergy+ device, offers a highly convenient and accessible method of improving the former.

Maintaining physiological concentrations and proportions of oxygen not only prevents oxygen toxicity, but activated air therapy has also been shown to help against free radical damage by increasing production of anti-oxidant enzymes. This may have major implications in its own right, in terms of reducing the effects of ageing and counteracting oxidative stress in modern diseases.

What evidence is there for Activated Oxygen Therapy benefits?

Numerous testimonials show the dramatic effect Activated Oxygen Therapy has on a wide range of health issues (contact us for details of these!) For some of the conditions which have been helped, there are few established treatments. For others, Activated Oxygen Therapy provides an excellent support to augment other therapies (it is safe to use with any conventional medical treatments or medications) and provide symptom relief and promotion of healing in its own right.

Several in vivo studies also demonstrate the effectiveness of this new technology:  in a comparative study with inhaled concentrated oxygen, activated air therapy resulted in significant improvements in subjects’ peak flow rates (lung capacity) and other markers of metabolic efficiency including pulse rate and breathing rate. Inhaling concentrated oxygen caused no significant improvements and actually caused a decrease in peak flow rates immediately after treatment.

Of the various studies carried out, examining the effects of this treatment, an investigation done in Finland with 10 high performance sportsmen (long distance runners) showed after only two weeks treatment with activated air (10 treatments of 20 minutes each) the following results:

  • The blood absorbed 7% more oxygen.
  • Energy production increased by 8%.
  • After performance, 8% less lactic acid was found in the blood.

The results were all statistically significant. In another investigation done in Stockholm with 10 healthy individuals, after only 2 weeks of inhalation (totalling 6 treatments of 20 minutes each) the following results were found:

  • The total antioxidant status (the capacity of the blood to cope with free radical production) was increased by 20%.
  • Blood levels of cholesterol decreased by 10%
  • Blood levels of triglycerides (“bad” fats) decreased by 25%

Other studies have shown that activated-oxygen treatment decreases oxidative stress, produces a powerful reduction of pain and a faster healing process.

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