Airnergy Rent to Own Scheme

As part of our endeavours to make Activated Oxygen Therapy as accessible as possible for those who need it, we are really pleased to introduce our Airnergy Rent to Own Scheme.


NO interest charges – simply choose your Airnergy Professional Plus machine from the selection we have available, agree the duration of the scheme and monthly payment fee and start to feel the benefits of the therapy!


Our Airnergy Rent to Own Scheme is available on a range of secondhand Airnergy Professional Plus devices (all containing the most up-to-date therapeutic technology).


Scheme durations vary depending on the purchase price of the machine you choose and the monthly rental agreed.


Airnergy Rent to Own Scheme from Unique Perceptions

  • No Lump Sum Investment

  • No Monthly Usage Limits

  • No Interest Charges

  • Mechanical Repairs Covered

  • Just £50 Courier Delivery

Information and Terms:

  • Machine remains the property of Unique Perceptions until the final Airnergy Rent to Own payment is made.

  • The purchase price of the machine varies, dependent on age, condition of machine and hours’ of use at the start of the Scheme.

  • Scheme currently only valid for used Airnergy Professional Plus models, not Vital Air models.

  • Minimum monthly payment on Scheme is £150. Maximum duration of Scheme is 18 months.

  • Deposit of £250 required at commencement of Scheme – deducted from the purchase price of the machine at the end of the Scheme period.

  • Unique Perceptions will cover the costs of any internal mechanical repairs or servicing necessary, during the Scheme. This does not include glass breakages or damage caused by users.

  • Courier delivery of machine (within mainland UK) costs £50. No additional fees.

  • Supply of (10) nasal cannulas and (2) air filters provided at commencement of Scheme. Thereafter, user can purchase additional accessories or replacement glassware, where necessary, from Unique Perceptions.

  • At the end of the Airnergy Rent to Own Scheme, ownership of the Airnergy Professional Plus will be transferred to the user.

  • International Airnergy Rent to Own options are also available. International terms apply. Please contact us for details.

  • Further Terms and Conditions apply – please contact us for details.

Airnergy Rent to Own Scheme from Unique Perceptions