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Airnergy Rental Vital Air Rental Special Offers from Unique Perceptions Autumn 2017

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Airnergy Activated Oxygen Device - Airnergy Rental from Unique Perceptions

Renting a Vital Air or Airnergy device is an affordable way to experience the healing power of Activated Oxygen before purchasing a new device for your long term therapy.

Activated Oxygen Therapy provides a safe and effective way of improving your body’s oxygen metabolism. This can have an amazing impact on many symptoms of chronic disease as well as enhance your body’s self-healing and anti-ageing mechanisms.

We’re now delighted to be able to offer you the experience and benefits of Activated Oxygen Therapy in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to ‘try before you buy’ and really get a feel for the power of this new technology, without making the outlay of purchasing.

NB We use the term ‘Activated Oxygen Therapy’ to describe this unique therapy which utilises the power of Singlet Oxygen Energy and is NOT THE SAME as Ozone Therapy, which involves taking in ozone into the body.

Through experiencing the many benefits of Activated Oxygen Therapy, you can then buy with confidence, feeling comfortable and secure in this investment in your health.

See below for rental details and fees then Click here to contact us to book your Vital Air or Airnergy experience!



Please note that:

  • You’ve the support of a professionally qualified medical doctor to optimise your experience
  • All our machines contain only the most up-to-date therapeutic technology
  • You choose your rental period duration
  • Rental refund on purchase price of new Vital Air machines – 2 months’ rental fees off!
  • We charge rental fees monthly, rather than all upfront!
  • All Airnergy / Vital Air accessories included in rental price (air filters and nasal cannulas)
  • No extra VAT on top of these published prices!
  • We are happy to rent internationally* NB International fees apply
  • We sell brand new Airnergy and Vital Air Accessories
  • Extended Repayment Options available on machine purchases.

Vital air 3 Plus


This device contains 3 Activation Chambers. however, due to different utilisation of the chambers compared to the Airnergy Professional Plus, this is considered a more powerful device. Click here for more info.

3 intensity levels: 1/3, 2/3, 3/3.

Dimensions: 310mm x 130mm (W x H) x 280mm (D)

Weight: 4.2kg (9 lb 7 oz)

Purchase price of new machine from us: £3950 (+ £30 delivery within UK)

Airnergy Professional Plus


This device contains 4 Activation Chambers.

3 intensity levels: 50%, 75%, 100%

Dimensions: 350mm x 130mm (W x H) x 350mm (D)

Weight: 4.4kg (9 lb 12 oz)

Purchase price of new machine from us: £4150 (+ £30 delivery within UK)

*Price subject to Euro exchange rate and Terms and conditions – please contact us today for exact up-to-date price

Vital Air 5 Plus


With a slightly different design, this device contains the same Activated Oxygen Technology as Airnergy+ devices.

This device contains 5 Activation Chambers, with double catalysts in each and is probably the most powerful and most versatile Activated Oxygen Therapy device in the world.

5 intensity levels: 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5

Dimensions: 310mm x 130mm (W x H) x 280mm (D)

Weight: 4.2kg (9 lb 5 oz)

Includes colour therapy module as standard; auto-illumination of device water in a choice of 6 colours

Purchase price of new machine from us: £4550 (+ £30 delivery within UK)

Our clients tell us that the personal medical support they receive during an Airnergy or Vital air rental is invaluable. Therefore, in addition to our straightforward and professional machine rental service, we provide the following as part of each rental:

Rental Bonuses:


  • A Full Medical Consultation (telephone or skype) with Dr Claire Bowen (usual fee £75) (NB this is Optional!)
  • Monthly Check-in Calls. With your agreement, we will schedule monthly support calls to check in and ensure you’re getting the best possible experience with your Vital Air or Airnergy machine. Of course, you can contact us outside of these times too, if necessary.
  • Free Airnergy Support Pack, tailored to your particular health condition(s), hand-delivered with your machine at the start of your rental period.

We are happy to share with you our 12+ years’ Activated Oxygen Therapy experience, combined with conventional medical training via telephone or email if and when you choose to access it.

When you book your rental, we will arrange your Holistic Health Consultation (value £75).

Rental Fees:

Device: Rental Period: Rental Fee:
Vital Air 5 Plus 1 month – 12 months £190 / month
Vital Air 3 Plus 1 month – 12 months £180 / month
Professional Plus 1 month – 12 months £170 / month
Valkion 1 month – 12 months £100 / month
£250 – Fully refundable deposit due at start of rental
£100* – One off fee covering delivery, set up, instruction (as necessary),
collection, unlimited technical and specialist medical support.
*£25 petrol surcharge for delivery locations more than 3.5 hours from our Shropshire base.

All rentals are subject to contractual terms and conditions; not meant to be complicated, simply to ensure you know where you stand and we know where we stand. Click here for a sample copy of our Rental Agreement.

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Feedback from some of our Airnergy rental clients:


Video Feedback from Alex Murchison, Scotland, after 3 months of Activated Oxygen Therapy –  Airnergy Professional Plus (2 months) and Vital Air 5+ (1 month):


Video Feedback from Mr and Mrs J Holmes, Wales, after 3 months of Activated Oxygen Therapy with an Airnergy Professional Plus: 


(Client diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome (CFS) and vertigo):

Like most people I suppose it is a leap of faith to try something as new as Airnergy, however through the good offices  of Dr Claire Bowen and her wonderful system of try before you buy, by renting a machine, I found to my surprise that within a few weeks  my whole outlook on life changed !!! Much more energy and stamina, able walk again for far greater distances

than before and now trying to forget what life was like twelve months ago !!!!  I realise that it is early days yet but am looking forward to the things I can achieve in the future!!!  For the record, my problems started after a bout of pneumonia two years ago.

B.B. Cambridgeshire, July 2015


(Client diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis):

I bought the Vital Air 5+ device in May 2016 as I wanted to see if it would make a difference to my tiredness and fatigue. I have MS. I was conscious of the price so decided to rent it first in case I felt no difference . I saw this website and contacted Dr Claire Bowen who was very informative and helpful, talking me through the options of which device might suit me best. Simon delivered and set it up for me, showing me how to operate it and was very patient when I didn’t understand!

I gradually increased the power on my Vital Air 5+, initially feeling a bit more tired than normal as my body adapted. After 2-3 weeks I began to notice a difference and now -6 months on I feel the best I have felt in years. Don’t get me wrong -I still have days when I feel tired but they are not nearly as many as they were and don’t feel as bad. Some days I even have energy all day !

I would definitely recommend trialling the Airnergy just to see if it could help.

J.P. Yorkshire, November 2016


(Client diagnosed with COPD):

After one clinic session of Airnergy I was very relaxed even though there was a lot of traffic and the weather was bad. On arrival at home I climbed the 17 steps up to my home without stopping and without having to resort to my breather. (Very unusual). I was not out of breath and my wife was very surprised as I am normally gasping. During the evening I was very relaxed and I was still breathing through my nose quite automatically. My breathing rate was very low and I felt for the first time for quite awhile that breathing was on auto and did not need physical thought.

I was very tired and went to bed  early (10.00pm) which is quite unusual. My sleeping was deep but still for two hour periods as previously.

This morning, I woke feeling very refreshed and I was still breathing through my nose quite calmly and this has continued throughout the morning.

Overall, I am very impressed with the results and I look forward to the future.

SC, Hampshire – January 2015


Airnergy wise I am a new man who can climb stairs without stopping and be pretty energetic for my age. I can only describe the situation that before Airnergy my breathing seemed to be an action which required thinking about. Now I breath normally without any mental thought.

I am still on my prescribed Spiriva and Flutinal but I have not used my Salamol Easi-Breathe since going on the machine daily. People have noticed the difference and we have several friends who are coming for ‘treatment’.

S.C. Hampshire – July 2015


(Client diagnosed with M.E.):

…It might be useful for you to know that had I not had the opportunity to use this machine over a sustained period of time, I would not have purchased it.  for many people, myself included, this machine is an expensive item to buy without knowing the ways in which it can be used and the effect it might have. Looking at it or using it once would not be useful to someone like me who has had ME and other chronic conditions for many many years. It is only now after using it for some two months, that I have decided it might prove worthwhile. The decision is based on the fact there is very little conventional medicine that has proved helpful and the improvement I have seen is due to the fact that had I not been able to hire the machine from Dr Claire Bowen for quite an extended period of time, I would not have seen the benefit and would definitely not have purchased it.

J.S. Cardiff, December 2014


(Client diagnosed with various skin conditions, Migraines & Asthma)

I thought you might be interested to hear of my experience with “the Machine!”

Although I sensed a subtle improvement in my wellbeing after the 3 months’ trial the investment in purchasing a unit for ourselves still seemed a bit of a risk, but worth taking.

My main concern at that time was with skin troubles over much of my body, legs and arms all of which I was counteracting with several prescription medicines, self hypnosis and receiving bioenergy. After several months my skin was much improved and I had stopped itching and completed the hypnotherapy learning sessions. There was also a sense of increased energy which lifted my spirit and spurred on my creativity.

Most importantly my mental “shrinking” has been reversed and I am content with the adaptations needed to live with some loss of short term memory and I am in the process of meeting each of my children to let them know my/our situation and our feelings about geographical separation now and in the future. I’m in my 80th year and my wife is a year behind and we are facing up to our vulnerability by taking action now for our futures. The purchase of the Airnergy machine has been validated.

We are both very grateful to you for your advice and for the opportunities which you opened up for us.

A.B. Sussex November 2014


Airnergy devices provide Activated oxygen therapy in a safe, portable, easy-to-use method for health optimisation. Hire an Airnergy machine today to begin your oxygen therapy easily, economically and effectively via an Airnergy rental from Unique Perceptions.