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We specialise in providing Activated Oxygen Therapy worldwide, supported by a fully medically qualified Doctor, Dr. Claire Bowen, author of 'Completing the Jigsaw’ to give you the optimum Activated Oxygen experience!

Activated Oxygen doesn’t have to cost the earth to experience. Our ambition is to minimise our profits, in order to maximise your health.

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Our focus is on renting out and selling ADVANCED ACTIVATED OXYGEN THERAPY - in the form of the Vital Air 5 Plus device. In addition to being more affordable than an Airnergy Professional Plus device (BASIC ACTIVATED OXYGEN THERAPY) from other UK distributors, the Vital Air 5 Plus is probably the most powerful and versatile Activated Oxygen Therapy device in the world!

New 2017 Vital Air 5 Plus: £4450
5 Activation Chambers, 5 Intensity Settings
Dual Catalysts, Multi-light Therapy
4000 hours before first service.
User tests with medical devices show the superiority of this therapy and significantly enhanced health effects, compared to:

Basic 2017 Airnergy Professional Plus: £4150
4 Activation Chambers, 3 Intensity Settings
Single Catalysts
2000 hours before first service

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We use a range of established Natural Medicine Techniques, Alternative Therapies and Cutting Edge Healthcare Technologies such as Activated Oxygen Therapy (like Airnergy+ and Vital Air) to restore, revive and rejuvenate!

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